Mets Fans Very Good At What They Do

What do Mets fans do very well at Citi?  They can climb in to your head.  They never seem to tire from a continuous, ‘Let’s Go Mets’ chant.

The Thor-Thump included a sea of waving orange towels.

I do believe the fans can get into a player’s head, especially a young team not used to MLB post season.

Now I have a headache.  So many things to worry about.  Is Arrieta okay?  He really was off his game, and the Mets greeted him with wood + ball = runs.  Four of them. 

The Cubs were quiet hitters again, tonight, and this time the pitcher of record was not Lester.

I have to tell you, there’s been a Cubs rhythm missing.  The team is missing the ‘x’  quality they had against the Cardinals.

Hopefully, the Cubs find themselves when the series resumes at Wrigley Field on Tuesday.  It takes 4 to win.  The Mets only have 2.

Now the Cubs need a loud crowd at Wrigley Field.

I leave it to the fans at Wrigley. 

May I suggest a sea of waving blue towels, with some red ones here, and……………there?  And don’t be afraid to trade colors with your neighbors, mid-wind-up during Mets pitching?


What do you think?

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