Cubs End On A High Note

The 2015 Chicago Cubs were not suppose to contend for any post season play.  That was not suppose to happen until 2016 according to many including Theo Epstein asking for fan patience a couple of seasons ago as he continued rebuilding.

The team that wasn’t suppose to go any further than the regular season gave a season long preview of what to expect from an even better Cubs team in 2016.  These AAA & even AA players made quite a showing in 2015.

This 2015 Cubs team transformed itself, almost instantly from mostly some of the best minor league players in to a quality MLB Club.

They will be a fully experienced MLB team with less of the rookie equation.  You’ll see less errors, and even better hitting from the 2016 Cubs.

The most improved player without question for me is Starlin Castro.  He was ‘in’ every game since the arrival of Joe Maddon.

Hopefully, Theo Epstein will patch up some of the pitching positions both in the bullpen, and the starting rotation.  Consistency is the key, and Cubs pitching has little consistency. 

The Cubs need to get Lester doing perfect work including cutting runner leads, and throwing to the appropriate base for an out.

Travis Wood could possibly re-join the starting rotation once the bullpen is in better order. 

With all of that, it was this group of players that took the Wild Card in Pittsburgh, beat the St. Louis Cardinals in the Divisional Playoffs, and won 97 games during the regular season.

However, that’s where it ends in 2015 as the New York Mets sweep the Cubs in the NLCS.

You will note, unlike other teams who have lost their way through the play-offs, the Cubs came out of the dugout to greet a loyal fan base with a curtain call.  A class act!

Theo Epstein made some good moves to get the Cubs ready for the extended season the Cubs weren’t suppose to have until next year. 

While assembling a great bunch of players, Epstein’s choice of Joe Maddon as the Cubs Manager to lead this young group proved to be an excellent choice.

Thank you to all the Cubs enthusiasts on the web.

I thank all concerned with this great 2015 Chicago Cubs team.  Not only did I enjoy the telecasts on but, the fans at Wrigley Field were a great inspiration as well.

We win!  ‘Go Cubs Go!’


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