Dan Haren Departs The Friendly Confines

When Dan Haren came over to the Cubs, it seemed obvious by age Haren was on lease or, rental. 

Haren, like most Major League Players, did not become one of baseball’s super stars but, had some decent stats through the years. and an MLB All-Star.

Haren, as expected, handed in his two week notice to Theo Epstein.  Protocol met, he probably handed his resignation notice in to Jed Hoyer.  Certainly they knew before the ‘Big Tweet’ announcing his retirement.  They did, didn’t they?  Sorry, maybe I spoke out of turn.  The story is on your Official Cubs Home Page.

The rental agreement with Haren is over.

The business of baseball continues.  Free Agency, contract negotiations, trades, and call ups.

Will Starlin Castro remain?  Or, does that contract get picked up by another club to give the Front Office more room to negotiate for some pitching? 

Would the departure of Castro sacrifice some infield depth now that Castro seems to be in the right frame of mind, and now a transformed Joe Maddon product?  These are the kinds of questions that will be bumped around the Front Office.

Finally, is it possible Theo Epstein has more surprises in the Minor League System?  

Epstein built up a position player pool of not yet ready for prime time players but, they were ready for prime time players.  Could there now be Pitchers not due for a season or, two but, they will be anyway?

With some new pitching, keeping most everything else in tact I can almost take it for granted this team will contend in MLB’s top prize contest in 2016.


What do you think?

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