Fowler To Hit 30

Dexter Fowler will enter the world of baseball’s magic age of 30 when the Cubs begin the 2016 season. 

When you reach that grand proportion in age, it is time to start thinking about only up to about 5 more years of major level playing time if, you can stay in the best of shape.

Fowler received a qualifying offer of 15+m for a 1 year contract to stay with the Cubs.

Fowler’s 2015 stats give us some insight, hitting as one of the Cubs Leaders in Runs, Home runs, and Stolen Bases. 

If Fowler rejects the offer, it gives the Cubs a draft pick advantage.

Should Fowler shop, and possibly sign elsewhere the Cubs will find their way as the Cubs have depth to pull from, and Theo Epstein continues to build a baseball dynasty in Chicago.

Personally, I’d like to keep Fowler on board but, I leave it to Theo Epstein to see the big ‘Pitcher.’

Details from your Official Cubs Home Page.

What do you think?

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