Cubs Menu Change

The Cubs claimed a new cook for Wrigley Field from Boston. 

Ryan Cook was claimed on waivers from Boston.  He’s a 28 y/o Relief Pitcher.

Admittedly I am not relieved by his statistics but, sometimes you have to trust that just maybe somebody saw something beyond the statistics. 

Could it be a change of venue from one league to another can turn a player around to surprise you?  I.E.  Jake Arietta.

At this point, I’ll go ahead with a guarded trust that Theo Epstein sees the candy beyond mediocre to poor statistics.

Cook ran up an 18.00 ERA last year in the American League, and was able to do that in less than 9 innings of work in the MLB.

Cook had to come back from injuries in 2014, spending some time at the AAA level in 2015 with a 3.16 ERA  serving just over 42 innings pitched.

P.S.  Get it?  Sees the candy……


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