Fowler Tip, Strike Three

The Cubs qualifying offer to Dexter Fowler was turned down.  So Dexter, and his agent are going shopping.  If he signs elsewhere the Cubs get a draft pick.

I would like to see Fowler back in Wrigley Field but, only as a Cub.  So, maybe he’ll end up in the American League.  That works for me but, don’t know if it works for everybody else involved.

Fowler worked the lead-off position very well with some timely hitting as necessary. 

Not to get on Epstein’s back but, once in awhile he may need helpful reminders like several veterans in the mix are necessary.  I know he knows but, he’s a busy man, and can’t remember it all.

All right so if not Fowler then, who?  Is there someone in the Cubs youth movement that fills the spot or, do the Cubs have to go shopping?

The 2015 Cubs were a pleasant surprise to say the very least.  With only a couple of tweaks they are ready for the October Classic in 2016.

I’m just saying this club does not need a major overhaul.  Just a tank of gas, and an oil change.

I believe Theo Epstein is good with major overhauls but, he’s already done that for the Cubs.  So, Theo can take it easy once the Cubs have some pitching, and a consistent lead-off hitter.


What do you think?

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