Kris Bryant Is A Vegan?

…Yes he is!  A Las Vegan is the 2015 Rookie of the Year.

Who was the rookie in 2015 who looked most like an MLB player?  The Rookie of the Year.

Others came close but, there were 30 eligible voters among the Sports Writers Association, and Bryant received 30 1st place votes.  All of them!

The unanimous choice of the Sports Writers for the Rookie of the Year goes to Bryant who was truly worthy of the award.  the coveted award was given to the delight of supportive fans in Wrigleyville!

Bryant is a Las Vegas native, and it’s not true!  What ever is in Vegas doesn’t necessarily have to stay in Vegas.  Lucky for the Cubs!

More details are available on The Official Cubs Home Page.

Note:  I too lived in Las Vegas a long time ago close to Jones & The Expressway when that was at the far outskirts of town. 

The Minor League team in Vegas at the time had the name, ‘The Las Vegas Stars.’

Those of you familiar with Las Vegas know, Jones & The Expressway is in the middle of town today.

Last I heard, The Las Vegas Minor League team has adapted the ‘Area 51s’ as their name.



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