It’s A Madd Madd Maddon World

The Baseball Writers once again gave an annual award to a Wrigleyan.

This time, to the best the sport has to offer.  The MLB NL Manager of the year, Joe Maddon.

This Cubs Manager pushed this relatively young, rookie rich team to places their own President of Baseball or, GM was not planning on until next year.

Theo Epstein is a year ahead of where he thought he would be by this time.  He did ask fans for patience, and he would have the Cubs in to post season play in 2016.

That would not be the case.  The Cubs had a determined Manager pushing some Minor League players to the MLB level.

Joe Maddon had some very talented MLB first timers but, pushed to the best they could be in the MLB the Cubs had an incredible season in 2015.

There were squeeze plays at home, hitters hitting at a new level, pitchers batting 8th pitching beyond where they’ve been before.

Joe Maddon managed to where he said the Cubs would go during his first year tenure with the Cubs.  He did say at the beginning of the season, the Cubs would be in post season play a full year ahead of the rest of the Front Office.

To re-cap, The Cubs were given a custom strategy by, Maddon to win 97 games over the season.

The Cubs went on to Pittsburgh where they beat the Pirates in a Wild Card contest.  One game for the opportunity to play the Cardinals for the Division, and the right to continue in post season play.

The Cubs eliminated the Pirates, and Cardinals before running in to a dead end in the NLCS against the Mets.

How did the Cubs do that just after a 70+ wins season in 2014?  Player development, and a Manager who was capable of bringing this crew to new high levels.

Some have given Maddon a bad time for pajama parties, puppets, and magicians but, the entire program, works.  And why not pajama parties, puppets, and Magicians for all the reasons above?

It is only fitting the Baseball Writers have awarded Joe Maddon, NL Manager of the Year for 2015.

There’s more on Maddon on the Official Cubs Home Page.


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