Sandy Knows Jack

Sandy Alderson, General Manager of the New York Mets waived a fond farewell to Jack Leathersich.  Sandy knew the Mets Pitcher fairly well. 

The big question, does Theo Epstein the Cubs President of Baseball know something more about Jack Leathersich than Alderson?

Not much to show from last season. 

On the surface we see a 2.31 ERA.  That was accomplished in 17 relief appearances but, only over 11+ IP.

Leathersich was absent after July for Tommy John surgery, and will emerge from that surgery claimed off waivers by, the Cubs as reported by The Official Cubs Home Page.

How successful was the surgery????  Do the Cubs get a new, and improved Leathersich? 

Maybe a 2.31 ERA is indicative of Leathersich’s post surgery game.  Nothing wrong with that over the long haul!

It’s all a matter of how well Theo Epstein, Jed Hoyer, and Joe Maddon know Jack.

What do you think?

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