The Cubs Can Also Youth Some Experience

The Cubs ‘Youth Movement’ continues as some of the younger move out.

Starlin Castro, age 25 traded to the yankees for 28 y/o for Rhp Adam Warren, and a player to be named later.  

Warren had a 3.29 ERA over 131+ IP, and compiled a 7-7 w/l stat in 2015.

In the past, I admit to being possibly overly critical of Theo Epstein for not getting enough from a trade.  It behooves me to use some restraint here as the player to be named later has not yet been named. That final component of the trade will determine the quality of the trade.

Castro was a long time coming but, with the right encouragement, and some hard work he became a top of the line player who would have figured prominently in to this coming season’s Cubs move for a World Series victory.  Suffice it to say, I would have liked to have seen him in a Cubs uniform this coming season.

The Cubs have talent available for the middle of the infield within the youth movement but, the lingering question there is; Do they have what it takes to win over a grueling 162 game season?  I guess we’ll find out.

We look to experience for support.  So, the Cubs solicited some back-up with the signing of a utility player.  He is Ben Zobrist, age 34. 

Zobrist has played for Cubs Manager, Joe Maddon before in Florida.  Zobrist had a .276 BA for 2 AL teams including the World Champion Royals last year.

Zobrist brings several qualities to the Cubs.  The ability to step in to several positions as needed, the ability to mentor, and an experience factor that plays in to both of the other abilities named.

I expect Zobrist is a Cub for the rest of his MLB career with a 4 yr. deal.

Another Cubs point to ponder is Jed Hoyer.  He definitely plays an instrumental role in landscaping this Cubs team, and his name seems to get lost in the Theo Epstein shadow.

Jed Hoyer was rated somewhere in the middle last year by, the Sporting News in their MLB General Managers ratings, and I trust the rating is better next time out.  He is deserving of better treatment.

I notice your Official Cubs Home Page has lots of Cubs news, and stole my intended pun as well.  To that single puny point, I say ……..’Zo what!’


What do you think?

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