Here’s The Deal

The question has been answered, and I believe the Cubs should have gotten more than they did from the Yankees for Starlin Castro.

Adam Warren was previously announced as an arm coming to the Cubs with a player to be named later. 

The player to be named later is, 33 y/o Brendan Ryan, a utility player who batted .229 appearing on the DL several times with multiple injuries in 2015.

Matching players for trade is not the only consideration as there is the business of baseball.  Got to meet payroll with income, and then some.

Taking away the business of baseball, player for player or two, the Cubs lose on this one.

Castro has matured as a quality player ready to face his prime with a good decade of play ahead of him.

Ryan by age alone (let alone possible injuries) is merely a lease for several years.  His best BA was .292 in 2009 with St. Louis, and he has never approached that level of hitting since.

Once again, the Epstein-Hoyer team may have seen something I can’t detect with a mere historical stat.  More surprises for a breakout year?

As always, there’s more to be read, and digested on the
Cubs Home Page


What do you think?

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