Trade Who For Who & Get What?

Major League Baseball Trading is part player worth for player worth, and the business of baseball.

What I do understand is player worth.  At least better than I understand the business of baseball. 

Obviously, I’m sitting in the stands judging from afar while others more experienced than I are at the controls.  Those at the controls have lots of experience, and seem to be doing a good job so far.

This commentary is a reference to the Starlin Castro trade. 

On a player for player trade, I believe the Cubs lost out on the trade.  The Cubs got two, the Yankees one but, it was a better, fine tuned
Starlin Castro.

The Cubs received statistical mediocrity in return.  Pitcher, Adam Warren, and utility fielder, Brendan Ryan.

Within days, the Cubs release Ryan in favor of claiming more statistical mediocrity.  The Cubs claim Edgar Olmos on waivers from Baltimore.

To make room for Olmos, Ryan was the man opted out. 

Olmos saw limited work in 2015 between AAA Tacoma, and Seattle.

All of this shifting of statistical mediocrity isn’t so bad really, except it feels like the Yankees got the advantage in the Starlin Castro trade.

It may be my limited understanding that brings me here so, I’m open to any explanation making it clear that I have nothing more than a limited understanding.

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  1. I still don’t completely get it. Castro is about 9 yrs. younger than Zorbrist. Not denying Zorbrist had a good year in 2015 but, he will be long retired as Castro can only get better for another 10 years. I understand the necessity for a good mix of vets with the rookie content. I think Epstein-Hoyer could do better with obtaining more for what they give up.
    Thanks to all who have commented here.


    • I think it has to do with them wanting to win now/ They have a better chance to win now than they do with Castro.


  2. The Starlin deal was made to take out some salary so they would be able to sign Zobrist and Heyward


    • Thank you for your comment. I’ve got 2 comments to answer here reaching the same conclusion so, I’ll answer below.


  3. They were more trying to free up the money in-order to sign people like Ben Zobrist and J-Hey. Looking directly at the return we got for Castro, yes we “lost”, but in the grand scheme of things we made a necessary move to make more moves.


    • Two of you have come to the same conclusion, and I’ll give you both a thought on this below.


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