Don’t Get Too Cub Comfy Just Yet

Chris Coghlin traded to the Athletics for Aaron Brooks?  Coghlin is 30 y/o; Brooks 25.

I would have liked to have seen Coghlin continue as a Cub. While Coghlin is the Cubs 4th Outfielder, he would have been fine as the Cubs PH.   His stats were about average but, he could be menacing to other clubs.  A mentor for the younger crowd.

Aaron Brooks is a Pitcher with stats dragging below average.  A quick look shows Brooks without too much promise.  However, there are many other circumstances beyond stats.  

  Change of leagues, change of teams sometimes unleashes a whole different player than we’ve seen previously.  A professional’s trained eye may see what a stat might miss.

Does the Epstein/Hoyer/Maddon team see something beyond the stats compelling them to make that trade?  They obviously see something, and we’ll know all about it soon enough.

I was going to miss another Cub this season but, now I don’t have to miss Dexter Fowler as Fowler, and the Cubs came to an agreement for 2016.

Details on these stories, and everything else Cubs is available on the Official Cubs Home Page.  



What do you think?

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