Senior Citizen Joins The Cub Scouts

At age 60+++,  I am a Cub Scout.  

During the Spring, we’re all scouting our favorite MLB teams as players on the 40 man roster, and non-roster players make a showing in Arizona or, Florida for Spring League competition.

I’m no different as I scout the Cubbies!

It’s kind of like Little League where everybody gets a shot as Managers begin to carve out a core 25 player roster for the Major League start in April.

This is the time that Managers peer upon the newbies, and try to figure just where they’ll be used during the regular season.  

Some of the newbies will be playing in the Minors, and some remain to be seen or, seen elsewhere, and possibly not at all.  None the less when it all gets straightened out, we’ll eventually be down to 25 players for the Major League start in April.

There are a few names in the Cubs organization that I don’t recognize from that 97 win season, in 2015.

I’m looking forward to the return of Rizzo, Bryant, Schwarber, and Fowler all in one line-up.  Add Heyward, and Zobrist complemented by, Russell, Soler, Montero, and Baez.

Pitching?  Arrieta, Lackey, Lester, Hendricks, Hammel, Wood, Grimm Strop and Rondon.  

So far, the Cubs have not been faring too well as they dropped two more today as a split squad against the Royals, and Rockies. 

 I have to say I am not overly concerned as the Cubs wealth of talent begins to loosen up.   Cubs Manager, Joe Maddon is just getting a look at the possibilities, and the possibilities are plentiful.

To the newbies, I would only advise them to follow a leader.  One of those leaders being Cubs Catcher, David Ross.  

Don’t know if the Angels have recovered from that incredible Ross dp this past week from behind the plate but, you can’t go wrong in following an example like that!

Ross, as you know is retiring at season’s end.  He has a good baseball mind, and I hate to think of Ross as an opposing Manager in the future.

More Cubs on the Cubs Official Site.


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