The Beak Stops Here

Toronto’s Jose Bautista has been called out by, the Goose.  

Former MLB Hall of Famer Goose Gossage has said Bautista is a disgrace to the game of baseball for bat flips after smacking HRs.

Bautista took the right route by, simply not responding in a refusal to begin a ‘fight.  He acknowledged Gossage’s remarks by merely saying that ‘he must have had a reason.’  

Bautista has never spoken to Richard Michael Gossage, and has no intention of doing so.

‘Goose’s’ beak has become somewhat disjointed because he believes those ‘antics’ should not be a part of the game.

My question:  Why not?  

Old school boring?  I’m a Senior Citizen, I saw Gossage pitch.  He had some style, and some of it was embellished by his  pitching follow-through, and his character.  I  enjoyed it, though.

Personality.  That’s what makes this fun.  I love the game of baseball.  

However, unlike Gossage I also love all the different personalities involved in the game.  Not just his.  This contributes to the balance. Some are stoic, some have natural emotional outbursts that become a trademark.

Former Yankee Manager, Casey Stengel used to kick dirt, and dismount bases from their rightful places on the field as a personality collision occurred a few times between umpire, and Manager.  The fans loved it.  

Did that make Stengel a disgrace to the game?  No.  It was just part of the game at the time.

Gossage seemed to over emphasize a lanky wind-up as his trademark.  He kind of looked like a……….Long Neck Goose.  Did the sometimes over embellished Gossage wind-up, and follow through make him a disgrace to the game?  No.  And guess what?  The fans loved it!

Gossage could have achieved the same results without all the extra action but, The Goose relished in appearing overly rubberized, much to the enjoyment of fans.  

By Gossage’s own observations, Richard Michael Gossage, taking the game so seriously should have renounced any ‘shadows’ cast on his ‘professionalism’ by, rejecting such a trivial nickname on the field of this very serious game of baseball.

Goose?  Really?  He played in to the persona, perfectly.  Seemed to enjoy it.  Most important, the fans enjoyed it.  This was all okay with Richard. 

Now however, should individuals in the game cast aside their personalities, and fall in line for Gossage?  I hope not.

If it’s true and, we go along with it, why stop there?  

After no-hitting an opponent the winning battery should not be congratulated by their team mates on the field.  No ice water buckets, no jumping up, and down in unison because that would just be a team antic (certainly not an emotional response) that kind of rubs it in the same way an individual bat flip does on an HR, right?

All kinds of personalities make up this game.  Bat flippers, glove throwers, and beak flappers.

Finally, we shouldn’t be sitting in judgment of someone else’s emotional make-up, and their way of responding to it.

There’s nothing wrong with accomplishing something, and having a response to it.  ‘Yeh!  I did it!’

P.S.  I know there is a controversy as to whether geese have bills  or, beaks.  I took poetic license for the title of this post.  The possible bill became a definite beak.


What do you think?

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