Figuring The L.A. Angles

The 2016 exhibition Spring season is over as the Cubs drop one to the L.A. Angels 6-4.

The Cubs will be spending some time in L.A. this year including a start tomorrow with the Angels.

Joe Maddon, and staff have had a chance to watch these Angels play today, and in doing so will have all the angles on the Angels figured by, tomorrow when it counts.

It has been a good Spring.  Dexter Fowler is back, and looks to be in good shape as do Russell, Rizzo, Bryant, Montero, and Schwarber.  Tommy LaStella seems to be in improved shape with several key hits this Spring.

David Ross goes in to retirement after this season but, playing like there’s no need, just yet.  Besides all of that, Ross has a good mind on this game, and will serve double duty as one of the club house Mentors.

Ben Zorbrist, and Jason Heyward are the welcome add-ons.

Finally it will be good to watch the continued development of Matt Sczur (Do you realize how many times including now, I will have to consult the Cubs Official Home Page for the correct spelling for Sczur?,)  Jorge Soler, and Javier Baez once off the DL.

Pitching doesn’t look too bad though, it could be a weak point even with the addition of John Lackey.  Lester looks better than last year but, needs work on some defensive moves.  

If Jake Arrieta is on top of his game as in last year, other clubs should be aware the rest of the Cubs pitching staff is not beyond matching skills equal to the front runner.

Dig in boys, and girls!  This is going to be a fun year of baseball for Cubs fans!  America’s fans!

I know Harry will enjoy it, too!


Harry Caray : Baseball PhD


Uh, 1, uh 2 ……..




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