If It Happens In Vegas Does It Really Stay In Vegas?

Whatever happens in Las Vegas stays in Vegas.  

Well, I happened to move in to Vegas in the 1970s, and I stayed in Vegas but,  I only stayed for 20+ years.

I was in Vegas when Cashman Field became the home to a brand new baseball club; The Las Vegas Stars!  

I was a happy man because, I could once again watch professional ball games in Las Vegas.

It got even better because, the radio station I worked for in Las Vegas was KORK the new radio home to the Stars.

Many times, I would engineer the broadcast from the studio.  Once the post game concluded, if I had some air time, I would do a studio re-cap of the game.  Don’t remember details to be honest but, a good, however vague memory.

To think I might have seen Jim Deshaies pitch but, I really don’t remember. 

Sometimes; Whatever happens in Vegas, may stay in Vegas but, only for a specified amount of time.

For those of you familiar with Las Vegas, I was there when the Expressway build out to Jones was to the outskirts of town.  I remember when Rainbow became the outskirts, and that was way out in left field by, the time I left Las Vegas.

I could have seen my first Cubs game in person last week if only what happens in Vegas, stayed in Vegas.


What do you think?

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