Show Opener A 9 – Zip Rip

Cubs angelic as producers of the show opener with a 9-zip rip over the Los Angeles Angels.

Where do you start on a show opener like this one?  I know, how about my whining for the return of Dexter Fowler.  Sure enough,  Epstein/Hoyer/Maddon decided to quell those shrill screams, and whining, and I do appreciate them acting on my advice.

Fowler got the top slot in the batting order, and it paid off  with a 3 hit, 3 rbi show opener.  The crown on the win, the gravy on the potatoes was Matt (oh great, here we go with the spelling bee) Sczur’s 3 run double in the 9th.

To the pitching, and Jake Arrieta.  How many ways are there to say, he looked good?  Really good. The stats back it.  A good pen took over to hold the Angels, and the Cubs had the Angels shutout.

The box, news, and more show opener details all available to you on the Cubs Official Home Page.



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