Heat’s On In Arizona

Kyle Schwarber is a big guy.  So’s Dexter Fowler but, just not as much.  If the two are going at top running speed on a collision course, I’m definitely not one to stand in their way.  

I’m not saying I could get on the same playing field, I’m just saying after watching their tie-up in the outfield last night, I was meant to be an observer.

That off the wall hit coupled with that collision enabled Gene Segura an inside the park HR; His 1st of 2 HRs in the first 2 innings.

As a result of the collision, Schwarber had to be driven by a motor vehicle off the field, and Fowler remained in the game.  

The latest updates on Schwarber’s condition, other Cubs anecdotes, commentary, news, the complete box, and videos can be found on the Official Cubs Home Page.

The initial reports alluding to Schwarber with a sprained ankle, and  an MRI scheduled for Friday.

Looking at the re-play of that outfield collision has reassured my comfort zone as an observer.

John Lackey did not look best of game but, neither did Rubby De La Rosa, although De La Rosa’s game unraveled a little later than Lackey’s game.  In any case Lackey stayed in the game through 6 as the Cubs bench would rise to the occasion, and the Cubs would take the lead.

By the end of the night, the Cubs ran across 14 runs on as many hits for the win.

What do you think?

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