The Lester Tester

A focused, non-recognizable Jon Lester had striking command through 7 with the Angels on Tuesday.  This was a tester for a better Lester. Better than last remembered.  Doesn’t matter because that was then, this is now.  Now matters.

Just like Rizzo, and Bryant from the bench, there’s a 1-2 in the starting rotation with Arrieta, and Lester.

The Cubs were vociferous as their brand of baseball has done all the talking, and becomes Maddoning to their opponents this year.  

Cubs got a 6-1 swipe to sweep the Angels, Tuesday night behind the Better Lester on the mound for the start.

Now, let’s not forget the bench attack, and a Matt Szczur HR.  

What will the Cubs ultimately do when Javier Baez exits the DL?  Matt Szczur is making the Cubs decision a bit more difficult.

….And now, the Chase is center stage from Arizona beginning, tonight.

Everything Cubs begins on the Cubs Official Home Page.




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