This Is America’s Team

The Cubs begin the season with a 4-1 record as they play the 4th of 4 with the DBacks at Chase in Arizona.  

The Cubs won the first 2 of 3 with the DBacks.  The 4th of 4 between these 2 teams concludes on Sunday with Jake Arrieta on the hill for Chicago.

The Cubs started the season in Anaheim winning 2 from the Angels.

Okay fine,  maybe it’s not going to be a perfect 162 win season but, the Cubs mean business!  Oh, it’s not just that the Cubs are putting up the runs but, the Cubs are good at 60′ 6″ from home.

The Cubs are doing well so far, and nothing more to expect except more of the same.

There’s something else the Cubs have had right.  The Real Estate they call home is a true piece of Americana, and Wrigley Field has surpassed its’ 100th birthday.  

But, wait….there’s more!

The Cubs fan base.  If you’ve been watching on television across America on, it is the only vociferous traveling fan base.  Cubs fans are everywhere.  Enough so that on the road you can hear the Cubs Congregation from the stands, chanting the mantra, ‘Let’s go Cubbies.’  

This doesn’t happen in road ball parks.  The traveling Cubs fan base is excited, and exciting to watch!

Cubs Info., News, Commentary, everything, and anything Cubs always on the Official Cubs Home Page.

“Let’s Go Cubbies” 


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