Cubs Get Brandon Iron

Cincinnati pitcher Brandon Finnegan irons out the Cubs with zip for hits through 6, and then there was David Ross with a single in the 7th.  Matt Szczur followed with a walk.  

Finnegan’s pitch count began to climb, the no-hitter was history, and Finnegan was taken out of the game after a great showing.

By the time the 7th inning came to an end with a couple of Cincinnati pitching  changes the Cubs had 2 via a bases loaded single by Jason Heyward.

The Cubs were still down by a run in the 8th.  Two on with Jumbo Diaz on the mound for the Reds.  

A pitch to Addison Russell  was all it took as Finnegan’s performance would become background music, and the crack of the bat said it all as Russell scored 3 on an HR to left.

What a way to open the gates at Wrigley for 2016 as the Cubs begin with a win.  

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One of the advantages to subscribing to is being able to not only get commentary from Len, and Jim for the Cubs but, you can hear how the opponent broadcasters handle the broadcast.

The Reds announcer handled the Russell HR with all the fervor of a wet dish rag kind of like a routine fly to left that would be caught.


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