The Colorado Story Stops Here

Trevor Story, as you have probably heard by now is dinging the ball out of the park on a regular basis for Colorado in his premier MLB debut season.

That Colorado story came to a screeching halt on Friday as Story was without a hit, let alone a long ball to the seats.  Trevor contained was a big story but,  in the entire game scenario, it didn’t matter.

The Cubs were riding high on an 8-1 W-L season start, and ready to make it 9-1.  That didn’t happen as the Rockies re-wrote the story.

Rockies starter, Chad Bettis pitched 6 shutout innings against a quiet Cubs bench.  

Kyle Hendricks started for the Cubs, and it wasn’t his best work but, it wasn’t anybody’s best work.

The Cubs defense suffered through 4 errors.

The best of the best have to suffer a setback now, and again but, their true measure is how they come back.

The day’s over, gone so, it’s time to re-group for a ‘W’ on Saturday behind Jake Arrieta as the Cubs starting pitcher.

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