Cubs Off But On For W

The Cubs took a little time out from bench activities on Tuesday night but, the the other side of that equation would be; So did the Cardinals.

This was all pitching, and it seemed to work well for both clubs.  It’s just that Cubs pitching was a little better than St. Louis pitching.  

Hammel went 6 innings for the Cubs, allowing 5 hits, and a run.  No walks, and 6Ks.  

St. Louis starter, Jaime Garcia  had 5 IP, and gave up 4 hits, and 2 runs.  

There is a critical minute difference as Garcia issued 4 walks while striking out 7 Cubs batters with less IP than Hammel.

It is also a point in fact that Cubs pitchers are also part of the bench.  They hit the ball for all kinds of hits.  

This time, a repeat performance by the pitching staff.  Jason Hammel gets a 2 run base hit in the 4th, and that stands up as the game winner.

There’s still another game point to be made.

Former St. Louis Cardinal,  Jason Heyward, the Cubs Right Fielder with a definite, loud Cardinal Fan opposition made his worth quite clear, again.

The Cardinals were making a strong attempt to come back in their half of the 4th inning with a runner on 3rd.  A medium depth fly ball to right, Heyward catches it for an out, and threw a rocket to home to catch the runner moving from 3rd.  Double play, and the Cards had to fold. 

The final, 2-1 Cubs!  You can read all about it, and see some video clips of the game on, your Official Cubs Home Page.




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