A Lackey 7-11

When this Cubs team re-groups, and puts it all together there is no stop sign.  They just continue.  

It all began as 2 pitchers in a classic franchise rivalry were locked in excellent starts.  Mike Leake for St. Louis, and John Lackey, the former Cardinal now on the Chicago side of the Busch.

It appeared this was destined to become a game determined possibly by, one miscue though the Cubs ran away with it beginning with a Dexter Fowler HR in the 6th.

The game rally cry continued when the Cubs got 3 more in the 7th, then one more to call it a night.

Cubs pitching put a zipper on opposing runs as Lackey shuffled the deck, and rolled out a QS of 7 IP, 11 SO. 

Cubs 5 Cards 0.

The rivalry continues from Busch Stadium tonight, and currently in to the 3rd inning.  The 3rd of 3 on Wednesday afternoon. 

Cubs game wraps, the official box, news, and more Cubs on the
Official Cubs Home Page



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