Two Too Little With Two Late

Cards, and Cubs managed to get through 9 innings in roughly 6 hours as there was a rain delay of the game today in St. Louis.

The Cardinals jump started the action with an early 4-0 lead against the Cubs, and starter Kyle Hendricks.

Anthony Rizzo came close to blasting one out but Cardinals outfielder, Randal Grichuk climbed the fence to haul it down for a long out.  Rizzo would return to muscle ‘the real thing’  deep in to the stands later in the game.

The Cards would add one more to the run column, and the Cubs with 2 more in the 8th to bring the score to 5-3 Cards.

Today, there would be no coming back in the 9th for the Cubs but, they beat St. Louis at home, 2 out of 3.

More on today’s contest with videos, news, and commentary always available on your Official Cubs Home Page.

Only 2 Major League teams have a winning percentage of .700+.  The honor goes to the Washington Nationals, and your Chicago Cubs.  Twenty-eight other teams at .600+ or, below.

The Cubs at 11 & 4, Washington at 11 & 3.  These are the two with the highest double digits in the win column.  The Chicago White Sox have reached 10 wins, coupled with 5 losses.




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