Arrieta Hits No Hitter

Cubs starting Pitcher, Jake Arrieta got a couple of hits in last night’s game against Cincinnati.  This would be something Arrieta, and co-conspirator behind the plate David Ross would deny the Reds.  Hits.

Arrieta, and Ross executed an excellent game plan even though Arrieta did not have a perfectly comfortable outing.  The off-speed Arrieta stuff didn’t seem to present itself as typical Arrieta.

If you’ll remember, Brandon Finnegan pitched the Wrigley Field opener for Cincinatti, and no-hit the Cubs through 6 complete.

Finnegan’s 1st inning, 1st pitch hit by Fowler off the OF wall for a double.  Bryant batting 2nd, sent it to the stands for a quick 2 to begin this evening.

Arrieta pitched very well but, it was apparent his comfort zone was not being totally satisfied.  He’s still hitting his spots, though.

The 2 runs in the 1st was all the Cubs would need for the win but, this game was far from over.

Even out of his comfort zone, Arrieta does well on his game continuing to deny the Reds any hits, and by mid-game we begin to see this is serious.  No hits for the Reds.

We also get the feeling there is no stopping the Cubs bats, tonight.  There were several HRs including a Grand Slam.

By the time there were 7 innings complete, it was 13-0 Cubs, and the Reds still did not have a hit.

Hard to believe, a player like David Ross is retiring.  He is still competing at the Major League level, and plays the part with finesse.  I hope the Cubs can convince him to become part of the Coaching Staff.

The Cubs begin Friday with the best winning percentage in all of
Major League Baseball, and if you’d like to grab on to some videos, the box score, interviews, news, and more commentary. check out your

Cubs Official Home Page


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