FB: Too Much Cubs On ESPN

There are a few on ESPNs Facebook page with comments admonishing ESPN’s coverage of the Cubs.  They say, there’s too much.  These same comment mongers on Facebook are also  not liking the Cubs Fan Road Show.

Avid fans of other teams seem to be envious of the Cubs fans willing to travel on the road to see them play.  For that, Cubs fans should be ashamed, according to those comments.  

Other team stadiums should lock the doors to visiting Cubs fans.  Could be 1/3 or more of the revenue on any given date.

Over the years, the Cubs have built a national fan base with smart media moves like their migration to America’s Team via WGN which became a giant with cable services nation wide.  For some people like me, it was their only avenue to Major League Baseball in medium, and smaller markets.

The comments I read indicate a preference for when the Cubs do anything of note; ESPN shouldn’t take note of it.  Kind of bury it in favor of the other 29 teams.

When the Cubs were the ‘so-called, lovable losers,’ nobody was commenting on ESPNs page for them to withdraw  coverage of their winning teams in favor of other teams like the Cubs.  

The Cubs probably received less attention from ESPN during those years than any other teams.  Just a foot note as the ‘Lovable Losers.’

Note to ESPN:  Those comment posts suggest for example if,  Jake Arrieta has a no-hitter, put it in better perspective.

 On that day, ESPN should sort of put it out there but only as a footnote to other’s favorite pitchers who, are better because if one scenario takes place or, could have taken place, would have taken place, should’ve taken place, they’ve got the better pitcher.

Here’s the math.  29 (other teams) x 2 (the pitchers on each team with the potential for comparisons based on would haves, could haves, and should haves) = 58.

See.  There are 58 pitchers deserving of equal or more coverage on ESPN.  Not just Cubs pitching, and especially Arrieta.   

Really, ESPN!  You reprt on sports.  You really need to ignore the Cubs team ERA of 2.08.  

There are 29 other teams in Major League Baseball with a team ERA of 2.32 to 5.52.  Just sort of drop the 2.08 in during the last few seconds before a commercial break.

Here it is for those adamant about displacing Arrieta.  He accomplished what he did because all the scenarios did take place.  There were no should haves, could haves or, would haves.

Don’t chastise Cubs Fans for being the real deal, win or, lose.

Don’t be jealous or, envious.   Put your energy out there, and build a traveling fan base within the organization you follow.  Excuse me for being prolific but, ‘Build it, and they will come.’

When I see a pitcher on any team pitching a no-hitter, I really want to witness that no-hitter.  When any player on any team is about to break through a milestone, I really want to see that happen.  

Even against the Cubs?

I’d rather not but, I am a baseball fan.  A fan of the game so, in the final analysis, yes; Even against the Cubs.  





What do you think?

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