Today Makes Yesterday Deja-Vu Again!

The Cubs-Braves Saturday contest is in the books as a no-go due to rain.

You know what that means?  Another opp. to repeat yesterday’s meeting on between the two clubs where the score was tightly knit, going late.

Then, in just a moment in time it became a runaway for the Cubs as Matt Szczur slammed a 4 in 1 to loosen the tightly knit 2-1 lead in the 8th,  to a 6-1 lead for the Cubs.

Jon Lester had another decent start, striking out 10 over 7.  Lester also masterfully dug himself out of a no-outs, bases loaded 7th for the Braves with no damage done.

So, I’ll use today’s no-go as a go-go for a repeat of yesterday’s game on, and push the momentum for Sunday.

See, I told you.  Deja-Vu….again.  Yogi Berra was right! 

More good times with the Cubs on the Cubs Official Home Page.



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