Another 7-11

7 runs on 11 hits, and 5 free passes for the Cubs. The 4 run 5th seemed to put the Bucs to bed for the night with only 2 runs gotten early to show for the night.

The rivalry between St. Louis, and Chicago may have to take 2nd place to this newer rivalry between the Pirates, and Cubs.  

Last night’s box, and more Cubs on the Cubs Official Home Page.


Clenched teeth, throwing balls at each other’s batters seems like it will take some real doing to undo.

Clench teeth, and growl all you want but, throwing at batters is not baseball strategy.  That’s ‘bush league’ all the way, and is not a testament to quality of play.

Batters who ‘crowd’ the plate tend to get hit more often.  The pitcher has every right to brush him back.  That will happen, and it is part of the game.  That batter takes the chance of being hit by the pitch more often.

There is the pitcher who, could conceivably lose control, and wildly let go of a pitch, and hit a batter.  It happens.

However, when a Manager calls for it, that’s ‘bush, and below.’  A good Baseball Manager will not have to go outside the game to win.  Retaliatory such moves are just as toxic if not more because, it continues.  

What’s worse is this serves as the example to Little Leaguers all around the country.  This is an impression of MLB that they get.

The aftermath including,  clearing the benches, losing of tempers by, supposedly grown men accomplishes nothing, and once again is the example kids will see.

The Managers need to take some responsibility, and win games with baseball strategy not, ‘Whack-A-Mole’ carnival strategy.  

Not only do they need to take responsibility but, they need to take some of their wildest temper tantrum prone boys back to the barn for friendly reminders.  They are no longer boys but men, and need to act like men.

Most important, this is what kids see, and believe it is interwoven in to the game.


What do you think?

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