Almost A No Hitter

The components were all there for fireworks. Cubs & Pirates reigniting a rivalry born out of last season.

I don’t know.  Maybe it took some warnings by, the umpires, and maybe not.  It would be nice to think warnings were unnecessary but, irrelevant of that cool heads prevailed, and nobody was hit by a pitch except Rizzo.

Rizzo does use all of the batter’s box.  The whole thing, and is hit because well, sometimes he’s in the way, and doesn’t get out of there fast enough.

However, that was calmly realized by all present.  So, when it happened, nobody threw a temper tantrum, and no retaliatory moves.

A quality game of baseball based on strategy of the game prevailed through Tuesday night’s Cubs victory over the Pirates.  The day game today is over, and the Cubs sweep the Pirates.

Jake Arrieta pitched 7 last night for another win, bringing him to a 6-0 win-loss record after Arrieta held Pittsburgh to 2 hits, and 5 SO in 7.

Classic Jon Lester in today’s game.  In the 4th, the Pirates loaded the bases with nobody out.  The next 3 batters were putty in Lester’s hands as he pitched out of it, 1, 2, 3 with no damage done.  Still 3-0 Cubs. 

Kind of deja-vu, again for the second time in a week if you have been reading here the past week…again. 

There is more on both games on your Official Cubs Home Page.

They serve corn on the cob at PNC Park in Pittsburgh.  Do you know how much the Pirates pay for corn?  A Buccaneer!   Think about it.  Say it slow.  A Buccaneer!!!!!!

No!  Well, I don’t know… they serve corn, there?

Editorial Addendum

I have been campaigning for a clean game of baseball.  I have said previously, I am against throwing purposely at anybody.  I also think the ‘thug gang’ mindset, and follow through on that mindset is not an example for kids, and specifically those kids playing Little League Baseball.  

Every player, coach, and manager has a responsibility to set a good example for entire families of all ages who comprise their fan base.

When the Pirates meet with the Cubs, there is one player who seems to be a common denominator for being in the middle of all of it, and being the number one bad example.

Without naming names, I will say he is a player on the Pirates.  He’s always right there, always ready to start, be involved with and/or, finish something that may or, may not exist if only in his own head.  

He is not a responsible example for everyone else of all ages who either watches or, plays baseball.

Clint Hurdle’s responsibility is to take this 30+ y/o aside, and explain the entire picture to him.

I would expect that prior to the next meeting between these two clubs, Hurdle will attend to his responsibility.




What do you think?

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