Nats’ Taylor Gets I.V.

Nationals Outfielder Michael Taylor was just doing his job, tracking a hard-hit ball from Kris Bryant, and the very next moment it’s an I.V. ground rule double for Bryant.

The ivy at Wrigley Field swallowed another baseball to maintain its’ diet over the years.  There is that question.  Does the ivy digest these baseballs?  After all, few are ever found.  

What is it we don’t know about ivy or, maybe it’s not ivy in general.  Maybe it’s just the ivy at Wrigley Field.  Alien species from Doctor Who?  What don’t we know?

Here’s what I do know.  This 4 game set between the Cubs, and Nats is a real test for both clubs.  This is a meeting of the best teams in baseball, ytd.

You can mark up another ‘W’ for the Cubs last night in the 1st of 4 with the Nationals at Wrigley Field.  Game 2 of the match-up at Wrigley Field continues on Friday afternoon.

There is more, including Dexter Fowler being on the receiving end of an umpire’s, foul ire.

Jason Heyward returned to the line-up in Fowler’s place after Heyward was experiencing some wrist problems.

Read about all of these Cubs events, and more on the
Official Cubs Home Page


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