Cubs Max Out Scherzer

The Cubs & Nationals squared off for a Friday afternoon contest.

You go with an Ace in place but, you can’t always count it as a sure thing or, in this case a Scherzer thing.

I digress.  John Lackey looked a bit shaky to begin the day, yielding 2 runs early but, I tend to think this is what pumps him up, and he just gets better through the game.

The Cubs hits kept coming with 4 in to the seats, including a 3 run crush in the 5th by, Ben Zobrist.

The usual deep counts were taken by, the Cubs, maxing out Scherzer by, the 6th inning.

This wasn’t an all Cubs day though, it was a victory.  You have to know the Nationals don’t get put to bed that easy considering they are 1 of the 2 best teams in Major League Baseball.

The Nationals made the 8th inning their comeback inning but, 4 on the board was still not enough to come back all the way.

As usual, you can get the details from the Official Cubs Home Page.




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