Teeming With Team

Everybody delivers on the Chicago Cubs.

This is a ball club like I’ve never seen.  Well, maybe I have, and don’t remember.  The Chicago Cubs are the 2016 ‘feel good’ MLB squad.

In years prior, I dreaded the Cubs getting behind in a game because, chances were good to excellent that, once behind the Cubs would remain behind.

Remember when they were ahead by, only a run with the opposing club losing late?  Admit it, in years prior we hoped they’d maintain but, you know how it has been at least a majority of the time. 

All of that doesn’t matter any more.  That was then, and then doesn’t count now!

The Cubs are more than holding their own because, everybody is delivering when they have to.  This year, they are always coming back if they have to.

Theo Epstein has built this organization deep in to the Minor Leagues.

With injuries at the Major League level, we have seen a sampling of talent from AAA Iowa.  They have come up, and performed at the MLB level. 

 This team has once again taken a see-saw game, and brought it back to their side with another win over the highly ranked Nationals in Saturday’s contest. 

The Cubs have already clinched the first 3 out of 4 with the Nationals which concludes tomorrow at Wrigley Field. The first pitch by, Cubs starter Jake Arrieta is slated for 120pm CT.

Today’s game details, the box, and more on your
Official Chicago Cubs Home Page


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