Cubs Wash Nats

Mother’s Day produced some extra pink not only in the stands but, out on the field as well.  

The players on both teams were decked out with pink bats, batting gloves, and other pink equipment all to honor Moms, and increase
Breast Cancer awareness.

The 1st place NLC Cubs met the 1st place NLE Washington Nationals for the 4th of 4. 

The Cubs turned a mid-game deficit in to a win,  sweeping the 4 game set.

The 1st place Nationals exit Wrigley Field dropping to 2nd place in the East, a half game behind the Mets.

Jake Arrieta was not his usual ‘sharp’ self, yielding an early lead to the Nationals. Arrieta would have nothing to do with the outcome.

Kris Bryant chimed in with a key single with base content on 2nd & 3rd, good for 2 in the 7th to tie up the game at 3.

Winning game 4 would be the most competitive as it turned in to a 13 inning campaign.

Javier Baez got his pitch after a 2-2 count, promptly put it up, over, and out for the ‘W’ in 13.

The Cubs win streak is now at 7, and takes them to an .800 Winning Percentage.  The next best WP in MLB would be Chicago’s Southsiders at .688.

There’s always more Cubs info. on the Official Cubs Home Page.



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