Padres Mission Completed In Chicago

Yesterday’s double loss against San Diego was a surprise but, it shouldn’t have been.  That’s not fair because it shows I’ve taken a ‘W’ for granted with this great start for the Cubs.

Time to get real.  There will be losses, and they can easily come in streaks.  Yesterday was a wake-up call.  I’m going to stop taking a ‘W’ for granted.

One game was close, one not so close.  The Cubs established a 2 game losing streak all in one day, with the details exhibited for your edification  on the Cubs Official Home Page.

A double loss in one day proves the Cubs are human, they can lose games but, that doesn’t define this year’s Cubs.  That 25-8 record more defines the Cubs as the best in Major League Baseball.

The Padres exit Wrigley Field taking 2 of 3 games from the Cubs. I missed the traditional, ‘Go Cubs Go’ song, Wednesday.

The family tells me, I cannot sing on tune, and if I got to Wrigley Field I would easily empty the park if I try to sing along. According to my wife, I have the potential to discourage anybody from ever singing that song, again.

It’s not true. I’m a wonderful singer.

Thursday is a day off, and  Friday under the afternoon sky at Wrigley Field as the Pirates come in for the weekend.


What do you think?

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