Cubs – Bucs Tie, Quit After 8+

There was no reason to quit tied after regulation play with the weather not getting in the way.

Everybody had 11, and left Wrigley Field.  

Both clubs came up with 11 hits but, only one would cash in more.  Let me put it this way.  The Cubs have a 1 game winning streak!

There were several Cubs home-runs, and while I’ll take them all as a fan, I was glad to see David Ross square off for no. 99 of his career.  Is he positive about retirement?  

Ross is a favorite with Cubs fans, and exhibiting a level of play this year that doesn’t represent an older player. Only he knows how he feels, and only he knows whether it’s time for retirement.

The Common Denominator on the Pirates I have written about in a previous editorial comment was there today, and blended in to the game without an incident.  The fans razzed him so, I can be sure I wasn’t the only one to notice.  Hopefully, this can now be put to bed.

The 9-4 Cubs victory is detailed on your official Cubs Home Page.




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