Cubs Give Diamonds Back


The Cubs were hoping to sweep the Diamonds back out of Wrigley Field behind Jake Arrieta.  

It didn’t go that way for the Cubs as the Cubs got bit by the Diamondbacks as the Cubs lost a Sunday contest 3-2 against Arizona at Wrigley Field.

Jake Arrieta pitched the best of times, and the worst of times going just 5 innings.  He did give up 3 runs on 9 hits suffering his 1st loss in a year.

It was also the best of times as Arrieta did strike out 12 while walking just 1.  Arrieta’s pitch count was already at the preferred 9 inning pitch count.

It is a testament to a pitcher giving up 3 ER, and raising their ERA all the way up to, 1.80.  It also speaks to their ability by fanning 12 in 5.

The pitch count, hit count didn’t figure in to that equation.

So, it was the best of times for opposing strike-outs, and the worst as the Cubs took 1 in the loss column.

More on today’s Cubs game, and everything Cubs is available to you on the Official Cubs Home Page.


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