You Take One & Then We’ll Take

….a bigger one.  So okay, the Cubs were a bit too quiet on the bench.  Kyle Hendricks pitched alright on Tuesday after settling down, and getting his head 100% in to the game.

By then, too late.  The Cubs bench was not responding to any kind of a multi-run strategic  sprint to steal the game back as they often do.

This season if, the opposition is able to  hit the Cubs pitchers for more than 3, it’s quite an accomplishment.  Even when they touch them up a bit, the Cubs bench has often come to the rescue.

Sometimes it just doesn’t work the way it works.  I mean it works but, just not as expected.

The Cubs do not take their infrequent losses lightly.  So, the Phillies posted a 3-2 win on Tuesday.

In a Wednesday rubber game match, the Cubs obviously took the Tuesday loss as a motivator.

John Lackey pitched as if he was a young, but well seasoned pitcher setting the Phillies down with shut-out baseball through the late innings.

While Lackey was teaching the Phillies a lesson, the Cubs bench was hot for 8 runs including a 2 home run inning with slaps by Bryant, and Zobrist.

Albert Almora up to the bigs while Soler has a 15 day visit on the DL, got his first major league hit.  Almora also saved a run showing off some sparkling defense with a throw to the plate from CF to shave off a run from the Phillies final tally.

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