Can’t Take Good For Granted

There is no doubt the Cubs are the greatest team Major League Baseball is offering in 2016 but, as a Cubs fan I don’t take it for granted.  In the end, they must continue to compete with other Major League level ball clubs.

Each of the players on the 30 squads comprising the MLB are going to compete at this level, and as fans we have to understand there will be some Cubs losses along the way.

Even the players that make up the bottom of the W-L season stats are still at a level that will compete at this level as the Braves did, yesterday.  They continue the pace, and they are going to pick up some ‘Ws’  along the way.

The Cubs were not at the top of their game, yesterday.  Simple as that.  Jason Hammel was not sharp, and the bench was very quiet.  

More on yesterday’s game, a preview of today’s contest, news and draft picks all available on the Official Cubs Home Page.

Theo Epstein has assembled quite a talented crowd on the field.  

On some teams a player injured on the DL for awhile hurts the output of the team sometimes in a big way.  However, Epstein has orchestrated a Cubs back-up system at AAA.  There is always someone already playing at the MLB level at AAA-Iowa.  

LaStella is on the DL,  Almora Jr. shows up, and it’s like he’s been competing at the MLB level all along.  He has already gotten his first MLB hit, and shown off defensive moves of an All-Star.

I’ve had a couple of emails commenting that it seems I have changed my attitude toward Theo Epstein now that the Cubs are on this super-charged winning pace.

To some degree, they’d be correct but, I am being quite authentic with my feelings.  

It is true that I had been critical of Epstein but, only in the context of trades.  It got down to my feelings of getting more value out of a trade.

There were times I questioned trade values, and sacrificing the MLB squad by, just merely throwing a team on the field while fans waited out a couple of seasons.

Authenticity in tact, I soon questioned my own abilities to possibly get the whole picture.  Maybe I was just looking at the value of a trade, player for player, and not recognizing the business of baseball.  

I have previously posted some self-doubt about being overly-critical of Theo Epstein as far back as 2014. 

Actually, I became convinced I might not be a good replacement for Epstein, and better suited for maintaining my status as a Cubs fan.  I was right.





What do you think?

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