Cubs Set Up In Washington

After yesterday’s blow-out in Atlanta, the Cubs move on from a series with a team with one of the worst W-L records to another on the flip side of the coin.

Jon Lester gave up a run on 5 hits going 7 as the Cubs played their final game at Turner Field.  

The Braves will have a brand new ball park next year. 

In the view of one of the young players on Washington, Joe Maddon is playing ‘scared baseball’ in reference to the 13 walks issued in a series to Bryce Harper last time these two teams met.

Scared baseball?  I hardly think so.  It was dealing with the situation at hand, at the time.  Baseball is a game of strategy.  At that time, it worked out to be pretty smart baseball.  

The ‘scared baseball’ reference is from Little League, and after all these years I remember the Coach saying, ‘Nobody is playing scared baseball.’

The Cubs need to focus, and get out of the error mode.  They made a boatload of  4 yesterday.

While the errors on the field were abundant, the bench had a 6 run 8th, and pitching was great.

The final put the Cubs in the ‘W’ column giving the Cubs the series, 2 out of 3.  The box, videos, stats, and more on your Cubs Official Home Page.






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