The Game Plan

The Manager will put the team in proper order but, he’ll leave the game plan to the pitcher-catcher combo.  The pitch by pitch strategy  will be their doing.

There is a strong reliance on the Catcher knowing the Pitcher intuitively.  

It takes a Catcher who makes few mistakes, and owns the plate like home.

The Catcher like no other, must have his head in the game between batters, and between pitches as well as every other second there’s a play to be made.  He must be there at all times. He’s got to be the back-up on many plays or, the traffic director if not making the play, himself.

The Cubs have one Catcher the rest can learn from.  David Ross.  Ross understands this game as only a few understand it.  Inside-out, and outside-in, through, and through, the Cubs can count on David Ross.

While Ross is not a chosen All-Star, I voted for him on every ballot.  Not for his batting skills though, he’s not too bad but, I find that there’s no one that exemplifies the Catcher’s position like David Ross.

Ross has announced his retirement after this season.  I can understand his reasoning.  It’s family first with him.  He doesn’t want to miss this time with his children.  

David Ross will be missed and, as a fan I will miss his presence in a Cubs uniform.  Wish he would reconsider but, his reasons are just as logical as his mind for baseball.  

It won’t surprise me if he’s back in a reasonable amount of time doing some player mentoring, and eventually as an MLB Manager.

Ross got his 101st career HR last night at Wrigley Field, and that made the difference as the Cubs edged out the Pirates.

Last night’s contest totals, and other Cubs news always available on your official Cubs Home Page.




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