It’s A Team Game

Some saw the base running of Albert Almora, Jr. in the 9th inning last night as possibly reckless.

A ball in the dirt, but St. Louis’ Catcher Molina was able to get Almora, Jr. on a close throw to 3rd, cutting in to the Cubs possibility of a comeback from a 3-2 deficit.

Generally if, that’s the way you think of it, you’d be right.  That’s generally speaking.

Now, let’s talk about this year’s Cubs performance.The willingness to push it when, you generally don’t push it is the reason the Cubs are where they are today.

 Almora, Jr.was playing This year’s Cubs game. It didn’t work out but, he was playing the Joe Maddon Cubs game.  He did it right, and with the ball bouncing from the foot of the umpire,  made it all the harder to read. That could be anyone out there.

Roster changes today which will be reflected in the Cubs Crossings Conversation Box on the right.

Much going on in the Cubs organization with details on the
Official Cubs Home Page

What do you think?

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