Cubs On Hiatus?

Are the Cubs on a short hiatus?  

All of the MLB clubs take a ‘hiatus’ from normal team play at one time or, another during the season.  It just makes it more interesting.

Never did I take the Cubs start for granted.  And I certainly have not taken other teams performances for granted, either.  

There are breakouts throughout every season.  It can, and will get tougher.

Admittedly this is tough to watch but, this is typically MLB.  The races for an October spot begin to tighten.  

The core Cubs Team is not losing it.  Excuses aside, the Cubs have done some roster re-posturing due to injuries.   The combination of players bringing them to this point have not consistently been together during this ‘hiatus.’  

Don’t misunderstand; The re-fills from AAA-Iowa have done a brilliant job, it is just reiterating the point that there has been an original core roster moving the Cubs forward this year.  

Watch what happens as the Cubs move on to Cincinnati.  The hiatus will be over.  The recovery underway for the rest of the season, and post season play.

Keep up to date with all the Cubs news, information, videos, and stats on the official Cubs Home Page.





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