Sweet Granny Smith

After the wipe-out in Cincinnati, even a Granny Smith will make it a sweet trip to the ‘Big Apple’ for a very well performing Cubs team.

How do you account for all that went on in Cincinnati?  You can pick up boxes, watch the videos, and read about that series on the
Official Cubs Home Page

The Bryant-Rizzo combo is just getting better but wait…..there’s more!  Zobrist is so consistent up at the plate.  But wait, there’s much more!  Baez is not only a threat at the plate but, an outstanding infielder.  

Heyward getting  some slaps at the plate, and is claiming the OF as his own.    

Then there’s Russell who seems to chime in with some timely hits, and a spark-plug on defense! 

How about the Cubs starters?  Arrieta, Lester, Lackey, Hammel, and Hendricks!

And what about the newbies from AAA-Iowa?  Almora, Jr.,  Contreras, and Szczur?

There are Cubs still missing due to DL assignments, including Dexter Fowler.  

Given some playing time the current roster combination of newbies, and veterans have become another team able to pick up the pieces while many of the Cubs were recovering from one injury, and another.

As I posted previously when the Cubs were going through a bit of a rough time on their fishing trip in Miami; It all did get better in Cincinnati!


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