This Is Today

Yesterday’s over.  Can’t change it, do anything with it, it’s gone, done!  We can stay there or, move on.  We’ll move on but, if you must dig in to yesterday, a little bit of everything is laid out for you on the official  
Cubs Home Page

Some would say there’s a curse on the Cubs carefully put upon them by, the Mets.  

Legendary curses are only as strong as your own belief system.  They are psyche-outs if you care to participate.  For me, there’s no curse!

Yesterday was just one game in a season of 162.

Jason Hammel was not at all on his game last night but, we can spend time criticizing him or, move on.  I’m all for going forward as Hammel will be right on his game, and win again.

The Cubs pen should not be written off.  It just needs an ink refill.  

According to Theo Epstein there are no ink refills due in from external sources any time soon but, they are looking at several possibilities on the Farm.

Then; Once again the pen will be write on!

Jake Arrieta gets this evening’s start at Citi Field in New York as the Cubs prep for the win column in the ‘Big Apple.’

P.S.  If you insist on a psyche-out, just imagine we’re back in Cincinnati! 



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