Making Room For A New Batch of W’s

The 4 game sweep in New York was a bit much to take after the NLCS last year.  No qualifiers or, caveats.  That’s it.

The Cubs were, and are still poised as an entrant to October Championship play this year but, the Cubs have had their share of injuries, and their own DL roster through the past several weeks.  That’s baseball. 

 Fowler, and Schwarber figure big in to this equation but, others have had a few days here, few days there, and it’s not the core set of players on a daily basis.

The Cubs have to deal with a continuing flow of talent from AAA-Iowa to fill the cleats in the bigs.  Don’t get me wrong, most of these guys have shown they’re ready for the bigs.  

I revert to an earlier observation.  It takes a team to win, and what can never be planned for is a season’s injury list which may be a key to the Cubs softened play in New York.  

I’m still not worried as it won’t take Joe Maddon very long to make this current Cubs squad, a winner.

The team built up such an early massive lead in the NLC, there is a little breathing room but, blink and that lead dissipates.

The biggest disappointment has been the bullpen.  

While there are needs to be fulfilled, Theo Epstein, President of Baseball Operations has indicated no plugs are being considered from outside sources, though there may be some movement of pitching from possibly as far down on the Farm as AA.

I’m not taking anything for granted because regardless of best vs. worst or, anywhere in between this is all still, Major League Baseball.  

The Reds come to play at Wrigley Field this afternoon with Kyle Hendricks getting the start.

Happy 4th!!ba-awesome-colorful-fireworks-animated-gif-image-s



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