Call ‘Em As I See ‘Em

Cincinnati Reds come to Wrigley Field, and leave with a series win over the Cubs.

Too many people take the game of baseball for granted.

A player enters a Major League Baseball clubhouse because, he is worthy.  The player has achieved a level of play that allows him occupancy in an MLB ball park as part of an MLB team.

You don’t get there if, you can’t play ball at an extremely high level.

This is why I continually preach to never take a ‘W’ for granted.  

No matter how good or, how poor overall performance may be for each team, all the participants have reached a threshold of quality play.  Sometimes, play is at the top  end of the threshold, and sometimes at the bottom of that spectrum.

That is why there are surprises throughout every game leading to the eventual victor.

It happens, and baseball is more interesting because of the surprise factor.  When you think on that, isn’t that a reason to watch or listen to a game from beginning to end?

Typically this time of year is when everybody moves up to the top of the threshold for an increased level of competition.

The Cubs have a make-up game tonight against the Braves at Wrigley Field.  

 The Crown digital Cubs Information Oasis has complete Cubs news, commentary, pics, and videos available.

After tonight’s game, the Cubs travel to Pittsburgh for 3 before Major League Baseball celebrates the half way point with the All-Star game in San Diego.

Play ball!



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