Rule Change

Baseball needs a rule change.  Only for some players like Atlanta’s  Jeff Francoeur.

 Catchers may not call inside fastballs while Francoeur, and others like him are at bat.  He doesn’t do well with the pitch because, it might or, could maybe, possibly hit him. This is a frustrating pitch that’s difficult to execute an offensive attack upon.

Braves pitchers let go of a couple that appeared not to be intentional.  They hit a couple of Cubs batters last night.

Hit batters on one team, and  as much as I may disagree the offending team will receive more questionable pitches as they come to bat.

An inside pitch is a questionable pitch but could just as easily be a strategic pitching call.

Francoeur did not have to throw a tantrum.  Take the inside pitch, and continue the game.

The rule I’m proposing should pinpoint the batter receiving an inside pitch.  

Trash talk by the batter, anything  except re-entry to the batter’s box in preparation for the next pitch, anything that could create a delay of game will result in immediate ejection, and a 1 game suspension to follow.

An inside fastball is part of the game.  More often than not, don’t make it something it’s not.

More on yesterday’s Cubs-Braves make-up game from the Chicago Cubs Official Digital Information Portal Oasis.

Jake Arrieta will start in Pittsburgh tonight as the Cubs, and Pirates open up a series that precedes the All-Star break. 


What do you think?

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