Well……’easy’ wasn’t exactly the word I was looking for.

Some analysts may have had the Cubs as an ‘easy’ inbound representative for 2016 post season play.

I am hardly an analyst but, as a fan, especially a Cubs fan, I took it all in admittedly somewhat smugly.  I subscribed to the hype at the beginning of the season that this was going to be an easy no-brainer.

Finally what has been previously destined not to happen was easily going to happen, and be this season’s destiny.  I ate this up like fast food, and my head got fat!

All along, I knew deep down, this was not a no-brainer.  Deep down, I knew that what I have previously often written is what I do know to be true.  This is Major League Baseball.

Don’t misunderstand.  It is nice to speculate on the possibilities for a team that has been re-built.  It’s okay to dream, to be hopeful based on the player accumulations, and as fans, why not dream a little?    

This level of play does not entertain an instant shoe-in at the beginning of the season for that season’s end.  These are all major league baseball players competing at that level.  

At this level of play, it is anything but, easy.  It takes a lot of work.  To remain at the MLB level as a player, you work.  You work harder than at any other level of play.  You do that work in the off season, spring training, and then for a grueling 162 game season not to mention the All-Star game, and post season play as it applies.

As a Cubs fan, I am not about to discontinue my hopes, and dreams for this year’s Cubs.

So, with my fat head in tact, I welcome all comers as the reality is; The Cubs still have the lead in the National League Central Division, and they too have the ability to bounce back at a moment’s notice like all other Major League Teams going through a rough time.

Check out a wealth of Cubs statistics, videos, and commentary at the Official Cubs Oasis for Information on the WWW.

Nobody’s the winner until they’ve won.  

I’m sure Yogi Berra could have expressed that better than I just expressed it.  

To think, Yogi didn’t even work on aligning words in to perfect expressions of thought.  They were just a natural flow.



What do you think?

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